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Laura Baxter, Voice for Leadership, Montage

Our Featured Courses on
Voice, Body Language, & Presentation

All of our courses are available in person, online, hybrid, and/or blended.
In addition, they are available in different lengths, depending on your needs.
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The Ultimate Speaker Course

How to become an Outstanding Public Speaker

Exceptional | Authentic | Successful

You are unique, and your leadership style is unique. This course is designed to help leaders, like yourself, who seek clarity and the deeper meaning of leadership. In this course, we focus the four aspects of presence, on your leadership style, including focusing on your purpose in life, your values, and what you bring to the table. In addition, you will gain clairty about your purpose in life, better understand why others behave as they do, and master the ability to be calm, aglie, centered and focused in challenging situations.

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Women in Leadership

7 Steps to a Stronger Voice

How to Master Your Voice & Own the Room

Strong | Powerful | Resilient

Statistics show that having women in leadership positions strengthens and benefits the organizations that they serve. The women in these positions, however, still face unique challenges not faced by their male counterpoints. In this seminar, we explore the strengths that women bring to the table and empower these leaders to take the stage and own the room!

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Be Confident, Powerful, & Authentic

Stage Mastery for Non-Native Speakers

Exceptional | Authentic | Successful

Divas and other difficult people rob us of precious time and energy. They make us feel small and insecure. They cause conflicts, frustration, anger, and even fear. In a world where having productive relationships and effective communication means the difference between success and absolute failure, you need tools that will help you remain calm, confident, and focused on the task at hand, so that you accomplish your goals -- regardless of any conflict that may be going on around you.

Using Laura Baxter's DIVA Method, you will overcome your frustration and find ways to connect to your "Diva" so that you reach your goals and help your team move forward!

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Confident woman leading team

Your Confidence Roadmap

How to Overcome Anxiety & Exude Confidence

Empowered | Composed | Confident 

Many people – no matter how successful they are – suffer from anxiety in situations in which they need to exude confidence. Be it performance anxiety, stage fright, fear of exams, or fear of confrontation, anxiety and fear holds you back from connecting to and tapping into your strengths, talents, and knowledge.

With Your Confidence Roadmap, you will discover the step-by-step process to overcoming anxiety and exuding confidence. This is the most thorough, intensive look at the causes of fears – such as stage fright – on the market today, and the solutions we offer will help you exude confidence with ease.  

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TEDx Mastery

How to Deliver the Talk of Your Life!

Fascinating | Empathetic | Respectful

As a leader in a global economy, you face many challenges – including how to guide your team across cultural boundaries. These challenges could be leading international teams in which members may have different cultural expectations or leading teams with different corporate cultures united through a merger or different leadership styles.

Using the LINC® Personality Profiler and the Culture ID® we explore the challenges of working in and with different cultures – both international teams as well as diverse corporate cultures. 

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