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Online Courses, Seminars & Trainings 

In addition to our training course, which are also offered as online or hybrid courses,
these courses are only available online and can be started at any time from the comfort of your home!

True Presence

The Art of Being Authentically Charismatic

Online Training on Presence & Personality
Would you like to remain calm, centered & focused – even in very difficult, stressful situations?
Would you like to exude confidence and presence that will win others over with your personality?

In this 6-week online training, you will learn how you can win over others with your own authentic, magnetic personality. True Presence means being able to be in the here and now, being able to remain centered and focused – even in difficult situations. I means being able to walk into a room and own it! It allso means finding and following your life's purpose and being able to deeply connect to those around you. 

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 Other Course Selections:

Voice, Body Language, & Presentation
Training Program

If you are giving a presentation, leading a meeting, giving a TEDx talk, or wanting to overcome stage fright, how you use your voice, your body language, and the space you are in decide how successful you will be. 

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Team Building
Training Program

Effective leadership communication builds trust and enables your teams to function better. It increases employee engagement, and it improves the overall performance of your organization.

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Leadership & Leadership Presence
Training Program

Leadership influences every aspect of an organization, and the quality of the leadership determines whether or not an organization will succeed or fail. Learn how to exude leadership presence and inspire your team to reach their goals and succeed!

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Personality Profiling & Culture ID
Training Program

Understanding yourself and others better helps you in every situation. In my work I use several different diagnostic analyses to help you find your true authentic self and use that knowledge to lead others – including across cultural boundaries.

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